Right Career Choice

Education in India has always faced a lot of challenges with the rapid changes undergoing in higher education. The students are confronted with spate of challenges in choosing the appropriate career due to the ignorance of inherent capabilities and available career options. Growing unemployment of the educated, deterioration in academic standards, indiscipline, are the serious malaises of our education system today and these show that the system needs revision and cleansing. We witness degree holders in lakhs at present and their future seems to be bleak just because of their wrong choice and ignorance about various opportunities. is a humble attempt to help the students to choose their career from sea of opportunities based on their inherent capability consisting of their interest, intelligence, aptitude and personality. We are trying to bring end to end solutions for students who are aspiring to succeed in life. believes gone are the days to say ‘Hard work is the secret of Career success’. This is the time to say “Right choice is the secret of Career success” . One who fails to make the right choice from the opportunities available hardly succeeds however hard working s/he is.